Return of the Pubs (episode I)

Opening weekend – impending doom?

A journey north of the river

After over a hundred days of being shut, the time had finally arrived, our pubs were back!

It was the Saturday 4th of, July 6am. I know what you’re thinking, that’s an early start. Heading to the pub I was not. I was heading to to front line of Covid 19, at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, to continue the fight against this deadly disease. Counting down the 12.5 hours of my shift, suffering from thirst and the desire to be having a pint. However, some of that can be attributed to having to wear a skin tight mask.

After a welcome nights sleep Saturday evening became Sunday morning. Excitement was building and armed with a snazzy new shirt, a terrible lockdown haircut and one of my closest friends we headed north of the river to the Haymakers. Not knowing what to expect as we entered a brave new horizon, we were greeted with an organised one-way system and the now common sight of a track and trace form. My main worry was that some pub-goers would not be following the new measures that we all have to contend with. To my great relief, I am yet to witness anyone doing anything particularly silly. The Haymakers’ one-way system ensures that bar service is still present. Marks on the ground keep thirsty customers at a social distance and arrows ensure that once you have your drink of choice you are either directed outside or to the tables in the back room of the pub. The whole experience felt surreal due to how long it had been since I was last partaking in one of my favourite pastimes. My visit to The Haymakers had certainly fuelled my interested for revisiting some of my favourite pubs!