Champion Beer of East Anglia/Britain voting

The voting window for Champion Beer of East Anglia/ Champion Beer of Britain has now opened and you have until November 1st to get your votes in.  Please vote, and do what you can to encourage other members to vote. 

To make it easier for everyone to get involved, a new voting system has been introduced. At the start of the voting process, you can select process whether to vote either from a list of all cask-conditioned beers brewed in East Anglia or a national list of all cask-conditioned beers. You then have the choice of either searching for specific beers (style categories will be allocated for you) or browsing an alphabetical list in each of the ten style categories.

The East Anglian beers with the most nominations will be entered into the next round of Champion Beer of East Anglia competitions, and the winners of those will be in the final judgings for CBoB at GBBF Olympia or CWBoB at the GBBF Winter.

To find out more or to vote, click on  or the ‘Vote for the Next Champion Beer of Britain!’ banner on the home page of the CAMRA web site.