Around the branch in April

This isn’t the email I expected to be sending when I first started drafting it over a month ago. The coronavirus causing Covid-19 is now a pandemic and the UK has moved down the road that other countries have taken. Pubs and clubs have closed for on sales. All CAMRA events are cancelled until at least the end of June. This includes our branch meetings, minibus tours, strolling socials, our gala night and the Cambridge Beer Festival.

Pubs whose licenses allow off sales and those that offer food can still do takeaways as long as they and their customers follow Public Health England guidelines. Some are delivering. The same is true of breweries and cider makers who have off sales licenses. To help you find out what it is still available and to help local breweries, cider makers and pubs at this most difficult of times we have a new information page on our website. I’m sure that there will be many omissions and inaccuracies on this page. Please help us and others by pointing them out.

Thursday socials

April was to have seen the start of something new. One of our members, Hilary, responded to last month’s email and suggested an additional, new format social event, Thursday Socials. These will occur every two months on Thursday evenings from 6–8 pm in a pub not too far from the city centre. They will be open to everyone but will be hosted by a female branch member who will have chosen the venue for, amongst other things, its welcoming atmosphere and good WC facilities. Our March meeting enthusiastically backed the suggestion. Hilary is happy to host a couple of these events but would like to see hosting duties shared between female branch members. These plans are currently on hold but we look forward to Thursday Socials starting once the Covid-19 shutdown is behind us. One of the many things that the shutdown is reminding us of is the importance of social interaction.

2020 branch award winners

Although we were unable to hold our Gala Night we still want to sing the praises of the places and people who have won this year’s branch awards. We will get the certificates out and have a drink with the winners once restrictions ease.

Our congratulations to all the winners.

The health of each other, our family, friends and our communities is incredibly important. Please support our NHS and follow the advice given out by Public Health England. We look forward to the day when we can once again have a drink together.

Cambridge and District CAMRA