Good Beer Guide selection process

The process for choosing pubs from our branch area to be included in the 2019 Good Beer Guide has begun.  In order to be in the next edition pubs must first of all be nominated by members, and this can be done online until 21st November 2017.

For the next stage a list of pubs that have been nominated will be available for members to score.  To score a pub you should have visited it within the last six months.  The scores range from 1 to 5, 1 meaning you do not think the pub should be in the guide, and 5 meaning that you think it definitely should.  Scoring is best done online, via a link that will be circulated.

If you have not been able to submit your scores online there will be an opportunity to score on paper at the Good Beer Guide voting meeting which this time will be held in the Free Press, Prospect Row, Cambridge between 12 and 5pm on Saturday 10th February. Remember to bring your CAMRA card with you as we will need your membership number.

Even if you have scored online, feel free to join us for a pint and a chat.